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Report of Agent L (Expenses form attached)

 Names have not been changed since nobody here needs an awful lot of protection…

    The day starts off early early early in the morning at Regional Secret Headquarters at an undisclosed location for Agent L as for so many others. Up at 6.30am to catch a bus to somewhere just so another bus can be caught to somewhere from which yet another bus must be boarded. Bus journeys are uneventful if tiring and involving some delays such as crazy Irish people trying to get information using the age-old disguise of little old ladies. Upon arrival in the nearest town to the secret location at which EWoT will be held the bank is the first place to be visited. This life of espionage needs plenty of funds you know! Bribes must be given, drinks must be bought so as to fit in with the locals (another of the sacrifices one must make for The Cause *le sigh*), and so on.

    You would think that a simple bank robbery would be easy wouldn't you? Of course not! A walk to the cashier after standing in the queue for a while with an exceptionally heavy bag (equipment is vital in this line of work don'tchaknow?) and a demand to "Give me money! Plenty of it!" Only to be told that this large a withdrawal requires a call to be made for authorisation. Suspicion is of course prudent as she might be calling in the cavalry to end the dastardly plan but she looks nice so an operational decision is made to let it go. The cashier is away for quite a while and some paranoia starts to intrude. Is that a pair of handcuffs under that woman's coat? No, the attendants don't include the Belgian connection this year.

    Anyway, soon the woman is back with the information that she can't get through on the phone. Alas, no funds means no operations! Never fear though, if a return visit is made soon then she shall try again.. Half an hour goes by and the scene is once more in the bank with money in mind but not in hand. Once again the phone call isn't working but the bank worker has an idea! Is there a cashcard for this account? Of course there is! So, the cashcard can be used to get money.. wow, robbery is awfully complicated! So, a number must be given as well? After one or two random combinations of numbers one is found which the lady likes and the money is released! Who says crime doesn't pay, huh? Hmm, what is this piece of paper? What? The money has been taken from an account belonging to the Association? Well, that's not stealing! Where's the point in that?! Of course, by now there has been so much hassle to get the money that it shall be let go but next time a bank robbery is attempted there shall be better preparation! There'll be no standing in the queue next time! Mwahaha!

   One taxi trip later and the EWoT hideout has been found. A little worry that the taxi driver was able to find our conference site so easily creeps in but the superiors should be trusted and so payment is made, with a receipt for the expenses form taken. The remaining money for renting the annual conference site is passed over along with a bribe to make sure late night arrivals and departures are ignored by the 'authorities'. Once assurances have been given that no wild parties will be held and no irreversible damage will done to the houses, (she never mentioned the people though.. *w*) the keys are obtained and the houses are checked to make sure they are suitable for relaxing for a whole week…er… planning for taking over the world (the same as we do every night Pinky!!)

   The trip to the airport to join everyone else is passed up and instead this operative sticks around and keeps the site secure. So, after much television watching and a little attempt at some much needed sleep, another taxi is called and it's back to the town for a rendezvous with the other operatives who should be arriving any time. Unfortunately the research which was supplied was incomplete at best (make a memo to the Research department Moneypenny, some revenge is necessary) and so there is a major flaw in the planning in that the location of the actual rendezvous point is not known. Deciding against listening to the advice of a seemingly helpful local, transport is obtained to go back to the conference site. Another taxi driver who knows where it is.. Soon the other delegates arrive amid much confusion. Apparently transport arrived even though not called for. One can only put it down to the work of our superiors. They work in mysterious ways as you know..

   The houses are accessed and after some small organisational difficulties as regards allocation of rooms, which are easily resolved by a little wonderful negotiating, everyone congregates in one house. Some essential unpacking is done. In other words, drink is taken out of bags as are the WoT books. A distinct alcoholic smell emanates from the direction of the window, which is full of booze. This, however, does not overcome the garlic stench from one person's, Demon's bag. Apparently another participant, Ulrica, had got him to bring it for cooking or explosive manufacture or something else equally complicated. Once the garlic has been disposed of and the bag thrown away from everyone else, the delegates sit down with a congratulatory drink before bed. Soon everyone is off for some well-deserved rest after a hard day's work. So ends the first day of EWoT 2001.


Day 2: Or is it?

   What the Hell is up with this early morning rubbish anyway? The life of an Agent in an International Organisation is difficult admittedly but where are all the perks? That's what someone wanted to know and I'm just passing it on. Quite possibly the station chief, but that info wasn't in this particular report. Need to know and all that..

   0530 hours on Saturday the 1st of July and wakefulness has sneaked up on the conference once more. Another rendezvous is in the making. A double agent from 'over there' is attending and a guide is needed. As usual, I am the candidate “most suited” to this assignment. So, accompanied by Ulrica, my partner in cri.. er spy stuff, I order a taxi to the nearest town, from which a bus can be taken to the airport. Airports are ideal for these types of meetings, or so I’m told. As for the taxi ride, I think there may be a contract out on my life. The taxi driver (who I was later to find out due to painstaking research, was called ‘Frank’) was a bit mad. Although, that is like saying Sheryl Crow sings decently well now and then.. (*g* I had to get her mentioned somewhere!). He drove like a racing driver. The others were intending to watch the Grand Prix later that day but they needn’t have bothered, they should have just come with us. He was having a bad day apparently. He seemed to think this explained making a 15 minute trip along very small, narrow, windy country lanes in about 7, and speeding up for corners. Bloody Mexicans! Anyway, we made it safe and sound to the bus, just about, and thanks to our driver’s creative road usage we were actually early for it even though we had feared we would miss it and thus leave Dublin Airport to the mercies of a weird English(man?). I still really think I could do with a car, I understand this whole incognito thing but if the German division (Asha) can get a succession of very flashy new cars then surely I can at least get a nice little Renault Clio?

   The bus ride was uneventful and I caught up on some sleep. Not that it was needed you understand since Agent’s of my calibre only technically need 1 hours sleep per week, but it’s always a good idea to stock up in case you come across a month long rotating training session of the combined South American women’s beach volleyball teams, as happened to me once on a mission in Burma.. Ah, for the good ol’ days! *sigh* Ahem, back to the point, whatever that was. Uli and I arrive in Dublin and realise that the bus doesn’t seem to be going the right way. So we get off and walk the rest of the way, which for some reason turns out to be longer than we had expected. This may have something to do with a cunning ploy of mine where I pretend to take a wrong turning and get hopefully lost just to throw people off the trail. Of course I always find, I mean, go back to, the right way soon after but it may appear briefly as if I do not actually know where I am going when I naturally do. Another bus ride to the airport and it’s time to look for the late arrival. Uli suggests paging him but after the stories I have heard from the day before I make an executive decision that it may not be the best idea. So, we search thoroughly round the meeting places in the hope of recruitment, or, as some people might call it, wander aimlessly for a while. I, of course, recognise the double agent and after much casing out to ensure it is safe (involving methods such as saying, “no, you ask him!” and trying to catch his eye to see if he’ll recognise us) contact is made. I am greeted with the customary secret, made up on the spot handshake and Uli gets a suspiciously touchy feely hug. I decide I must keep an eye on him before remembering his nationality and relaxing again.

   The trip back to Dublin is on the same bus and is once again relaxed and uneventful despite some worrying about luggage security. Once at the bus station debriefing takes place over a hearty breakfast. Well, Uli eats a fry plus some dessert while Falkon has nothing and I drink some tea and inspect a suspicious looking piece of custard confectionery. Girls have big appetites since they have to do everything apparently. Falkon and I nod and smile cautiously. Once we’re done the bus is there and we head back to Mullingar (town next to base of operations, considerably bigger than research suggested and the source of crazy taxi people) where we force Falkon, henceforth known as Crunchy unless otherwise stated, around with his luggage on a search for an off licence. One was found and drink was purchased. A bottle of Baileys for Uli and Malibu for me in case it’s of any import. See pages 6,7,8,9 and 10 on the expenses form. Heading ‘Drink’. It’s essential to blend in with the others and so I succumbed to the awful peer pressure and consumed some alcohol. Oh, the shame!! Next thing we know we’re in a taxi, back at the base and introductions have been done with no casualties.. These top secret type people can be touchy..

   Some people watched part of the qualifying session for the French GP, very important to keep up with these things, you never know when info may come in handy. After it was thoroughly determined once more that the Brits are useless we decided some shopping might be a good idea. Even we top of the range people need provisions. The taxi driver happened to be the same one as early that morning. He was surprised to say the least.. I have a feeling he may have been following us though. He certainly kept tracks on our party all week. Anyway, after another eventful taxi ride with much holding onto people, objects and walls we arrived in Mullingar where we could actually get some groceries to, we _thought_ last us through the week. Much shopping was done and let me tell you, 6 different people picking things that we should get made for quite a large amount of groceries.. Money was paid by the most gracious Asha since she owed the money for the trip anyway due to my bank being a bunch of nitwits. Off I go to phone a taxi to take us back and guess who it is? Same guy again.. Although, he did say we were very brave people. *l* Great way to inspire confidence!! He still hadn’t gotten a break since he drove Uli and I at 6am or so that morning.. (The shopping trip was mid afternoon.)

   Later on Crunchy got restless and had to phone home to ensure M that he had got here safe and sound and it wasn’t an ambush or anything like that. So, with a few forgettings of the key, one or two incorrect money episodes and an interesting observation that a nearby table had snooker cues for legs we ended up with Crunchy having phoned home and myself having to go to the other phone box to make a vital call to a contact. This second phone just happened to be outside one of the two village pubs. The expedition was doomed to failure from the beginning it seemed. Since there was a little bit of a queue at the phone it was decided that perhaps waiting inside the pub might be more pleasant, and indeed, more community spirited than standing around outside looking loiterous. In the interest of being polite of course it was necessary to have a drink while inside (pint of Guinness for him, apparently it tastes very different in Ireland, and a pint of Smithwicks for me). We talked about many things, most of these being very confidential and hush hush (in other words, 20 quid gets a transcript and a tape recording, tenner for you Gillette!) and enjoyed the atmosphere. Having been sociable we tried the phone once more and had more success. My vital call was made and we went back, with a short stop to obtain fuel for the nice big open fire, one of my special skills being pyromania.

   Upon our return there was much wondering about why it took so long at the phone when it was such a short distance away. Our obvious reply was that the queue was very long.. *g* Well, it was! Sort of.. Jokester’s turn to cook the first night and there is one thing that must be said right here. I am far from being a connoisseur of food but can he ever cook!? Second and third helpings were had by all, with long faces when it was finished despite everyone being ready to burst. The one thing about these conference things is that the food is always spectacular. Ask anyone who attended this or last year, Uli and Jokester certainly deserve medals and Asha does some damn good lunches.. Another big success was Bran’s very scrumptious cake, which somehow disappeared inside an hour or two of being made. It’s hungry work the spy game! The rest of the night was spent drinking some drinks, talking as you can only at these things and getting to know each other a little better. Then to bed at some late ungodly hour bur c’est la vie when you’re me. (Nice rhyme huh?)

Day 3: In which not a lot happens but some unsuspecting foreigners are snared in the evil that is the Last Two rule..

   Demon and I dragging Uli in tow went to Mass on Sunday, he and I being the only two regular attendance type people. I guess it doesn’t pay in our line of work. The chapel was nice and the people friendly but the priest talked like an express train. I’m sure this is extremely interesting to everyone. So, back to base after 20 minutes and not much was on the schedule for Sunday. Asha made lunch and I am reliably informed that it was up to standard although I didn’t partake. Everyone felt pretty lazy after all the travelling so some of us watched the Grand Prix while others read or played around with Asha’s laptop (computer! Nothing else!) The rest of the day was spent with some of us reading and just relaxing… um.. I mean, looking over vital documents and keeping up with happenings in the world. Much of this ‘relaxing’ was to go on during the week as most of us weren’t particularly bothered about getting out and doing things when we could just have fun together talking and suchlike or just have some private time to read which can sometimes be lacking in everyday hectic life. The card games started on Sunday and we all found out why no one will ever let Wishmaster play. His luck is amazing sometimes! I prefer to put it down to luck since if it was a skill it would sort of infer a lack of said skill on my part which is evidently not so. The two main things were Spit/Split and Jack Changes. Demon and I being the main tutors in the wonder of these games. I shan’t explain rules here even though I prolly should since I am lazy.. er.. busy, and just cos! Quite an early night by most since we were all still tired and had an early morning the next day so as to explore Dublin and meet up with yet another operative for dinner. Yes, our reach is far!

Day 4: Dublin has a book shortage, Crunchy almost dies from internet deprivation and Mark leaves the cats at home

   *Bzzzzzzz* So sounds an alarm clock at 7.30am when you really don’t want to get up.

   *Thwap!* “Ow! Urg..” So Agent L wakes up at 7.30 am when he really doesn’t want to.

   Taxis were called and we sleepily set off for the bus stop (we were sleepy, not the taxi drivers. At least I hope not.. Although, now that I think about it.. Nevermind.) We got on the bus in plenty of time and almost everyone slept on the bus to Dublin, not that I can be sure of this since I had to close my eyes and pretend to sleep so as to put everyone else at their ease and let them sleep if they wanted to. This time the bus didn’t go the same way as it had on Saturday, which would have been perfect but instead went straight to the main bus station. Not knowing this however, Uli and I told everyone not to get off and so out walk to the first point on the agenda for the day was made slightly longer. I was proven right about Dublin geography, of course, and we walked off to where we wanted to go. It was a pretty long walk but we managed to get there all in one piece. The aforementioned attraction, which was out first part of the day, was to be an exhibit supposed to show life in Medieval Dublin. It was a bit useless to tell the truth but interesting in parts. The Spanish tour guide girl was about as tall as Wishmaster, which takes some doing as should be evident from the photos. Joined to this was Christchurch Cathedral, an old Anglican cathedral which I think is still in use and is some sort of a tourist attraction thing. It was sort of interesting I guess but I remain sort of unimpressed. Seeing Strongbow’s tomb was pretty cool though I must admit. (Strongbow was the first Norman conqueror of Dublin and it’s surrounding lands back around 1000AD or so.. that century anyway I think, could be wrong though.) The funniest thing there was that there were a whole bunch of leaflets about the cathedral all in different languages and I think between us we managed to pick up one of each .*l* Demon took Spanish and I took Irish.. The woman giving them out seemed altogether too interested in Demon and I being brothers for my liking. Plus she seemed very impressed that I could speak, well read anyway, Irish. She gave me the creeps really.. Then she had to go and put me on the spot by saying ‘bye’ in Irish. I just about managed to remember and blurt out the correct response but I’m not sure if she heard me.. Crazy person!

   Next point of touristyness was to be Dublin Castle. Asha was very demanding in her pursuit of a proper castle. Unfortunately Dublin Castle didn’t really seem to fit the bill. Maybe we were just looking at the wrong part but it looked pretty pathetic. So, we decided to skip that and go for some lunch. The nearest convenient and suchlike place was a pizza joint. It wasn’t too bad actually but I didn’t eat much since the heat was starting to get to me a little. I think I had too many clothes on or something. *g* Having sort of exhausted our sightseeing we still had a little tourist juice left so it was off to the big tacky tourist shop on one of Dublin’s main streets beside the big dirty beast that is the Liffey River. Everyone was either sickened or satisfied by all the traditional Irish music, instruments, sheep, scarves, hats, t-shirts, books, ornaments, keyrings and of course lucky charms. Lots of people bought stuff because it is just impossible to resist or to bring it back to unsuspecting relatives. I’m still wondering how Guinness can have anything to do with most of the merchandise they sell, but hey, you don’t get to be one of the biggest companies in the world with _just_ alcohol drinkers as your client base I guess. I must find a small country to get myself identified intrinsically with then make it famous and charming so I can sit back and watch the bucks roll in.

    After all this typical tourist behaviour we, of course, all got back true to form and headed for the cheapest bookshop we could find. Chapters obliged and much buying was done either in the cheap new book section or the very good used section downstairs. I picked up “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley which has been on my wish list for a long while and was very cheap second hand as well as a second hand old music magazine with Tori Amos on the cover. I think I got all those with Sheryl Crow in them last time I was there. *g* I did eventually get past staring at the front cover pic of Tori to pay for it but just about.. mm.. Tori… Now, where was I? Ah, yes.. Chapters.. I think a few other people got books too.. Notably Bran got a non fiction book reduced from 26 or 28 punts down to 3 or so.. I wanted to get a hardback copy of King and Queen of Swords, the second of the Orokon series by Tom Arden since it was very cheap indeed and I have the third and fourth in hardback but the first two paperback but Uli wouldn’t let me, citing some pathetic reasoning like “we’re broke”. I _told_ her I could just put it on the expenses form along with all the other stuff I bought but she said no.. Er, I mean, I could have.. oh, just ignore that last sentence. Anyway, books were bought and Bran and Asha went up to the music department while I restrained myself from that particular temptation. Meanwhile the rest of us amused ourselves by covering up all the other books we could find in piles with WoT paperbacks taken from their own piles. *l* We found it mightily funny anyway.. Eventually all purchases had been completed, Asha having obtained some more material with which to torture unsuspecting suspects, i.e. a few CDs of Irish traditional music.

   Along the street about 200 yards we went and lo and behold! Another bookstore! So, of course, we had to go in and have a look around. It isn’t out fault, I think it’s a genetic trigger or something.. More books were bought I think but I had no money and so I had to look at their lovely Sci Fi and Fantasy sections (two separate sections no less!! Who has ever seen such luxury? Not I!) and not buy any. It’s quite a big place and so people got lost all over the place. We finally met up in, I think, the music books section, where I was able to push Crunchy over on a chair and sit down. At least three expeditions were mounted to find different members of the group, most frequently Ulrike (she’s a small woman and easy to lose..) Naturally each time someone went to find another person the missing one would arrive back only for someone else to leave looking for the original search party. What a mess! We finally got sorted out and went outside.

   Next on the agenda was going to be another bookstore. However, after two bookstores in a row and some more shopping before that we came to the conclusion that a break might be nice. Plus, keeping Crunchy away from the many internet cafés so he could talk to a certain someone had already proved an almost impossible task so we all succumbed and even though no one else wanted to go or anything we all trooped in and dutifully checked e-mail, etc. just so he wouldn’t feel alone.. Great aren’t we? Oh, and Wishmaster posted on the message board at Cyberia to gloat, er, leave a coded message for, non attendants. This tactic failed somewhat due to the fact that the non attendants didn’t seem to be checking for messages awfully frequently. After everyone had sated themselves we left and headed for, yes, you guessed it, another bookstore! It should be noted here that Ulrica and I made a side trip to a secret mission under cover of looking for cosmetics which will be explained later. This shop however was exclusively Sci Fi and Fantasy with a little bit of the usual cult type stuff thrown in. Some nice Buffy action figures but none of those life size blow up…er.. nevermind, ignore that. As I was saying, a nice place generally. Very wholesome. A few cool James Bond cars where I wondered how I would feel if I got to have one of those nice sports cars.. (Take the hint in the Equipment department!) More books were bought by some while there was much moaning and gnashing of teeth on the part of other, less wealthy agents. (Read, me.)

   Once we had left this final bookshop it was about time to relax after a hard day’s work. So, most of us headed for the pre arranged rendezvous, which did just happen to be a nice mediaeval looking hotel/restaurant/pub. Bran and Asha took a look around the cultural district of Dublin, just in case we were being followed while some of us detoured to the cash machine with it’s ever decreasing source of funds. The more thirsty of us settled in with a drink or four while we waited for Asha and Bran to return and the time for our dinner reservation to arrive. Eventually everyone was back and we moved to our nicely placed, very big table. Well, truth to tell it was two separate tables, but a bit of persuasion on my part with the lovely waitresses, and a backhander or two, meant we could move our tables together all the better to hear the insults. *l*

   Markwcats, one of the more secret and elusive agents, but who is fondly remembered by those of us lucky enough to know him, turned up at one point and was convinced despite much protest to have a meal with us. Uli helped lots on this one.. No one can resist that Swedish reputation. The food was very nice indeed and enjoyed by all. We made a good choice picking that place, and next time I am in Dublin I may even go there instead of Mc Donalds or Burger King!! High praise indeed! *l* Mark, and his cats, had to leave quite quickly after the meal but it was very nice to see him all the same. Soon after this the ‘traditional’ band came on, late, as the start of the night’s entertainment. They were mostly a cabaret act for tourists with little or no interest in any real traditional Irish music, but they were quite fun, if not what we expected. We had to leave just as the Irish dancers were coming on, catching only a brief glimpse of long legs, short skirts and fancy footwork, more’s the pity. Time and Irish buses wait for no man, Agent or no, alas. On returning home we mostly collapsed into bed after some chatting as it had been a very long day..


Days 5 & 6: A little R & R, or a lot

   Tuesday was a very late wake up call for everyone. Admittedly I think I may have won the award for sleeping in but I’ve had plenty of practice. *g* Us students have it easy.. Both Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of everyone just getting a little time to relax, have some fun and take it easy. We all thought we could do with it and although we had been planning a hiking trip one of those days we thought that with such busy lives as all of us lead otherwise this opportunity to just lie back and do nothing for a while was much appreciated. We found that none of us really needed a lot of activity to enjoy ourselves. The setting was beautiful, the company was wonderful, providing both intellectual conversation and general silly messing around. We all learned some card tricks, one of which being to not play against the big man, Wishy, if you liked to win more than a few times in a hundred. *l* Also, true to our nature we got some quiet reading time, which felt surprisingly comfy for all of us. Plenty of walks round the village were taken to get things from the shop or make some extra long phone calls. *bg* I swear, that barmaid was pulling our pints as we walked in the door without even asking. It felt nice to have someone know who you are and what drink you want as soon as you walk in.

   I think I already mentioned the food but it needs doing again! *l* Asha provided us with some wonderful lunches while Jokester and Uli were geniuses at dinnertime. Another nice thing was that no one was afraid to get stuck in with cleaning up and dishes and suchlike. Very communal, huh? *g*

   One thing I should clear up as well for those of you who cringe every time I mention alcohol. Even though all of us did drink, some more than others, and almost all of us drank at least a little every day we were there. That was it though. I think there was one night when everyone was getting towards actually being drunk but even then it was just something social, and for the taste. We all had a few drinks to relax and for the nice taste and all, but no one was drinking excessively. Well, except for one well documented incident involving a dress and some make up.. *l* I’m just trying to point out that despite what it may seem, we weren’t having drunken orgies every single night. It was all wholesome fun. Or if we were then why wasn’t I invited!?! (j/k).

Day 7: Athlone is hit

   Back to some more travelling. Up quite early for a long taxi ride to Athlone where the nearest castle is to be found. It was quite interesting and pretty impressive. Certainly made for some nice views. The display was a bit musty and not too fun admittedly. Now we all know more than we wanted to know about some opera singer from the town. *yawn* Highlight of the display was a certain English fellow attempting to blow up the whole place by stealing a _wooden_ hand grenade from one of the models. *l* Lunch at the café which was found after an exhaustive search was very enjoyable, and paid for by one of my very favourite wonderful webmistresses, to our everlasting gratitude. Taxis were ordered and a trip to the off licence and some very impressive churches were conducted in the wait. A little bit of an odd combination? Perhaps, but we’re crazy..

    Back to the house in the, now very familiar taxis and the rest of the night was spent with some very weird conversations going on. I tried to lurk and observe unobtrusively but kept getting noticed.. Darn curtains! Late to bed again since we had no pressing engagements for the next day.


Day 8: The end is nigh

    The last day, and didn’t we all know it? This was another day to just sit and laugh and enjoy each other’s company while we could. We played cards, read, Uli and I cooked a fry for lunch which turned out to be very late. Poor wee Darren was tortured by everyone, he’s such an easy target! He loves it though.. *l* The whole day was tinged a bit with sadness that we had to all go home to our respective lives but we were satisfied with a very good holiday. Unwisely some of us stayed up pretty late despite the abominably early start to come the next day. It was nice though. We had a bit of a discussion about the nature of Ewot, dug poor Joker’s grave for next year and ensured that if we could make it then we would. Some hugs and such were distributed and we all headed to bed for our four hours or so..


Day 9 & 10: All good things..

   Early early morning taxi ride for most of us to the airport. Some tearful goodbyes and plenty of hugs. There was definitely a certain happiness in a week very well spent which helped make it not as bad as otherwise but we were somewhat melancholy. The clean up crew, Demon, Wishmaster and I, got going on putting things back the way they were. Furniture was moved back along with dishes (“honestly, it was like that when we got here!”). The fire was finally put to rest, poor thing, and all the final packing was done, along with gathering up someone’s coat for very much later transportation back. *bg*

   The three of us said goodbye to our very friendly taxi driver and got on the bus. By this stage the airport was feeling like home. So, everyone but Uli, me, Demon, Joker, Wishmaster and Ulrike gone, we spent a few hours there waiting until I could get the car to take us to the North overnight and Demon could head off to sunny Spain for yet another two weeks of holiday.. Long story short, we had a long trip up in a very weighed down car (lots of luggage and people). Spent an exhausted night at home, apart from Uli who worked. Yet another early morning to get to Dublin airport and dispatch the last three. More hugs, etc. *l* Everyone was off home and Uli and I go back up North, pretty sure we had done a good job.

    I always like to make a stir so this last is being written September 2001. A full 2 months later and so some details may be hazy. Everyone else has submitted reports, pics, etc. I hope mine adds to the reliving of the experience and justifies more attendants for next year. EWoT is an institution that I hope shall continue for years to come. Socials rock!! *l*