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Keeping ourselves busy: (f.l.t.r.) Yorrick, Asha, Bran

Yeah - EWoT can be rather exhausting - Falkon taking a nap

EWoT makes hungry too - but we were excellently fed by Yorrick

We did some "re-decorating" of House 6, which left House 4 pretty empty

Perfect - there was even a play ground for the EWoT kids right outside!

... although most of our homely activities were reading ...
(front: Demon and Ulrica, back: Asha and Louis)

... or playing cards (f.l.t.r. Wishmaster, Falkon,Louis,Ulrica) ...

... or playing cards ...

... or playing ... with the laptop, mainly cards (solitair)

The points were accureately noted... loosers in PINK

Quiz afternoon - House 4 is working on their song